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Hi, I'm Danielle and my handsome husband is Zack. We were married 8 years ago and have been students ever since. I am went to design school and he is the brains of the family. He recently graduated medical school and now we are enduring the 6 long years of residency in Opthalmology. We love to eat good food, talk about our future dream home, and did I mention eat good food? We have a sassy 5-year old girl and a feisty 13 month old boy. Our journey to get our babies here safely was long and hard, but we did it and we adore them.

I was born and raised Canada and will never turn down a donut from Tim Hortons. My entire family still lives in Calgary Alberta and I go back to visit as often as I can. I met Zack when I was a sophmore
 in college. 6 months later we were married.

 After graduating with my bachelors degree in interior design, I took a couple years off to do the mommy thing. In 2010 I started this blog as an creative outlet. One thing led to another and 8 months later I launched Danielle Oakey Interiors. I offer online and local design services.

I now spend my days filling sippy cups, reading books, and driving the cutest little kindergartener to and from school. I burn the midnight oil blogging, sprucing up my house with DIY's, and working on design projects . It's a little crazy but I love it.

I love to design and create beautiful spaces on tight budgets.
My mind is continually spinning with ideas. I am passionate about mixing color, pattern, and texture to create unified and interesting interiors.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something that inspires you.
You can also find me on Instagram @danielleoakeyinteriors.



Whether your budget is big or small, I would love to help.

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