New Nate Berkus Line at Target!

I have been patiently waiting for the new Nate Berkus line to be released at Target.
Yesterday was the day and I am in LOVE!

The neutral color, gold accents, and geometric patterns scream Nate Berkus and I am pretty excited about each and every piece.

I am headed to Target today to see if I can snag myself this stool
I need it!

Do you like the new line?



  1. I want the stool too. So much good stuff. Boy did I miss Target after being away for 5 weeks. The Germans don't even know what they are missing.

  2. If you can't snag the stool today, I totally see a great DIY in your future ; )

  3. Oh my, I'm excited this stuff looks great!! I agree that stool is adorable, I may have to find one as well I think my son would love it!

  4. LOVE the new fall line! I am so bummed they don't have that stool at my store yet =/


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