Thrifty Back to Shopping Finds!

My little Emory starts 1st grade on Tuesday.
How can this be? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was featuring her cute little toddler self on What's Emory Wearing Wednesday. (cue the tears!)

Since our lives have been jam-packed with action lately, I am scrambling last minute to get her some back to school clothes! I don't want to buy too much (since she grows so fast!) but we definitely needed a few things!

Mix in a few pairs of jean shorts she already has and we should be set! My first stop is always Old Navy, you just can't beat the price! They are also having a 20% off sale with the code: FASHION, so that helps too!

Backpack: Reg: $19.94 Sale: $15.00
Leopard Shoes: $16.94
Star Shirt: Reg: $10.94 Sale: $8.00
Green Vest: Reg: $19.94 Sale: $12.00
Striped Shirt: Reg: $10.94 Sale: $9.00
Gold Belt: Reg $7.94 Sale: $6.44
Chambray Skirt: Reg: $19.94 Sale: $16.94
Black Shorts: Reg: $19.94 Sale: $15.95
Coral Shirt: Reg: $14.94 Sale: $12.00
Glitter Shoes: Reg: $19.94 Sale: $16.00

Lucky for me Emory is still fitting a 5T from the toddler section in tops, which sure makes things a ton cheaper! 

Best part, I can grab all this stuff for just over $120, which I would say is a success.
Have you started your back to school shopping yet?

Note: this is not a sponsored post, I am just a big time Old Navy fan!


Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post.


  1. That is amazing. Yes, I remember those sweet features. The summer just flew by. The kids here start on the 5th, but my #1 who is a teacher reports back officially Monday.

  2. I was just thinking about running in there over the weekend. I love Old Navy!

  3. I always find awesome things for my son at Old Navy!

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  5. we grabbed a few things from ON too this past weekend! they have some cute cute stuff!


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