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Last month I spotted this white x-nightstand and fell in love.
$165?! What a killer deal too.

A few years back I used a very similar nightstand in a fun little guest bedroom design.
We scored it at a discount outlet store (and painted it white) but it originally sells for $895.00 at William & Sonoma.

Although they are no identical, I would say they are pretty darn close.
Overstock: $165.00
William Sonoma: $895.00

Go Overstock! Oh and that tufted bed is only $498.00 for a queen...what?
I can't wait to use it in a design!

Also, it has been a good 4 years since I have gotten a new profile picture. I was long overdue.
I desperately need to hire a professional, but in the meantime, I talked my trusty husband into helping me out.

I awkwardly posed around the house as he snapped a few pictures.
Here are a few that made the cut. 
I would love your input!

1 - Just taking a rest on my television stand (backwards watch - check).
2- A regular day at home.

3- Oh hey, I didn't even notice you there.
4 - Getting some work done on my bed with a full face of make-up, obviously.

Which is your favorite?

Of course, I wanted these to be as realistic as possible. I mean, It's no secret that I am camera ready at all times...pfff!


  1. I own this nightstand!!! After using it in several bedroom designs I was so impressed I went with them for my own bedroom. They are great! And I like #2 and 4 best!

  2. Love love love your new photos. I need a new one too. My kiddos do a better job taking pictures of me though. My son took my current one and I love it. Even though I was just informed by a reader that it is offensive in the UK and Australia. Yup, my profile picture is offensive ;)

  3. Nothing more awkward than taking profile pics! Yours a great though, especially #4.

  4. I wish I didn't need more storage in my bedroom- I've been admiring this style nightstand for some time now. I'm with the majority, I like 2 and 4!

  5. Cute pics! I'm going to go against the crowd and say I like #1 the best but you could use any of them. Target has a very similar side table for only $80! They don't have it in white but you could paint it. http://www.target.com/p/threshold-campaign-side-table/-/A-14517823#prodSlot=medium_1_18

  6. Love them all but love 1 & 2 the most!

  7. I love 2 and 4. You are adorable!

  8. 2 and 4 are really cute and you look so young! There's no way you look ready to turn 30!

  9. And if you really want a knock-off Target has a similar nightstand as well. I believe it is made by Threshold. I love all 4 pictures but love 2 and 4 the best! Jennifer pinterestdreams.blogspot.com

  10. So cute! I like pics 1 & 4 best.

  11. I like #1, backwards watch and all.

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