DIY Vintage Trailer Reveal!

I am excited about todays post.
My mom has been working hard at transforming her vintage trailer.

My parents purchased the trailer 10 years ago when they were building our family cabin.
It was parked on their lot and my whole family stayed in it for an entire summer.
Since then, my mom has always wanted to renovate it, and she finally got around to doing it this summer.

She kept the reno's super simple, just new paint and fabric.
The power of a new paint job never ceases to amaze me.

I love the way it turned out.
The blue, yellow, and white is clean and vintage looking.

So much better than the original, don't you agree?

For the interior, she painted all of the walls and cabinetry a crisp white.

A bold ikat chevron for the upholstery really transformed the space.
I love it.

The trailer originally was covered in dark wood paneling.
It's almost hard to believe it is the same trailer!

Since she didn't want to spend much on the renovation, she selected colors that would compliment the existing finishings and fixtures.

Now the original flooring, countertops, and appliances don't look too shabby.


Isn't is charming?

It originally had a bunk bed above the bench seating.
Since it was never used, my mom removed it which really helped open up the room.

So much better with it removed.

I am not the only one loving the trailers new look...

The kids have officially declared it their new playhouse.
I can't think of a better use for it.

I think my mom did such a good job!
It also makes me want to renovate a trailer, don't you agree?


  1. Now this is my dream house!! It's mazing how simple white paint made the curtain rods and light fixture stand out so much more!

  2. I am obsessed! I have been dying to see the reveal since you posted the teaser on Instagram yesterday. I love it!!!

  3. How fun and cheerful! I am all about trailers right now, with a little paint they can be adorable (as your mom proved). Thanks for showing us!

  4. How adorable, I love the vintage feel it still has. Now I want to renovate a trailer too!

  5. How absolutely cool!
    House on the Way

  6. What fun! Yes, I noticed how she kept many of the original features and totally made them work, so smart! I know your whole family will enjoy it for many years to come!

  7. That is so cool!! Makes me want to go buy a trailer to spruce up!!

  8. This is so adorable!! I'm so impressed with what a little paint and new fabric can do (good for her for making those old fixtures/flooring look new!).

    And yes, now I want to renovate an old trailer too!

  9. The trailer is darling! What a fun idea to make it over! You mom did an amazing job!

  10. oh my gosh that is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I have always wanted a cute little trailer (along with a cute little beach house, a cute little mountain cabin, a cute little lake house, you know, cute and little anything) I love the outside paint job. soooo very adorable!

  11. Omg I love it!! I dream of renovating a trailer someday! The memories in that thing for your children will be incredible! I see where your good taste comes from!

  12. So so cute! My mother and I are working on a cute little trailer with my cousins!

  13. what did she do for the cushions? It's amazing and the originals make my back hurt just thinking about sitting on that wood paneling!

  14. Agreed! It's amazing was a little paint and fabric can do!! Looks SO good!

  15. My parents had the exact trailer when I was growing up, they just recently sold it to one of my younger sisters. I showed her an image from your IG feed to give them some inspiration when they renovate it as well. Your parents did such a great job with it, it's gorgeous!

  16. Just a little paint and fabric really went a long way with this project! It's incredibly cute. I have been wanting a project like this for a while.

  17. She did an incredible job on this. I am a huge believer in fresh paint... it is so gratifying!
    My husband and I have been talking about buying an old junkie trailer for family trips and I am totally inspired by this.

    She should be SO proud!! Thanks for sharing. I am in love!

  18. Amazing job. I'm a total believer in the power of white and this just proves it once again. Love the fabric too!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! its fabulous and would make a great office, private space etc. or playroom - I love trailers...have a great rest of the weekend!! XO

  20. Wow! I think it is super cute and want to run out and find an ugly one to transform!

  21. This is awesome! I am a big fanatic of revamping vintage things especially automobiles! I have a few used trailers that I have been working on reviving them into their former glory.

  22. Is it crazy that I want to go buy a trailer? This is so darling and charming. And how fun the kids get to play in that now. Good job to your mama!!!

  23. Wow, that looks great! Decorating definitely runs in your family : ]

  24. The trailer looks very chic and charming. Your mom did a great job transforming the trailer inside and out. Love the fresh new color!

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  26. This is adorable! I love how a little bit of paint, some fabric and a lot of TLC transformed an often overlooked type of space. One day I will own a camper and have been inspired to make it over. Hope you don't mind my sharing this over on my blog, RoomRx!

  27. This is an amazing makeover! Amazing the magic graphic fabric and colorful paint can make:) I would love to know - what is that Ikat Chevron fabric? It is perfect for my kitchen banquet!

  28. Amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do. So cute and welcoming! I just refurbished a 1972 Frolic that is my back yard escape. I wouldn't be without her (The Pink Paradise). So glad to meet another camper fixer upper! Great job :)


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