Small Fry + Online Design Giveaway!

Today is an exciting day!
The ladies from Small Fry are letting us peek inside of their homes, and are sharing a few of their kids favorite spaces with us!

Small Fry is a children's lifestyle blog that recently launched this fall.
The three woman behind the blog will keep you up-to-date on anything children related.
If you don't already follow them daily, you need to.

Here is what Small Fry had to say about their spaces...


"Her boys rooms are all about pattern and color, and Quinn's room is no exception! The Jute baskets get dumped out each day, the bed gets jumped on, but no matter how cluttered it looks they love to be there because it is such a happy room."


"She lives in a studio style condo, all on one floor and as cozy as can be. One space she wasn't utilizing was the small front deck. Turns out it was the perfect size for a nice fort! Her boys love to hang out, read, and play and cuddle with her there."


"No matter what cool toys are housed in her boys rooms, they always end up lugging them into the family room. It's the space where she cooks, where the TV is, where she checks emails, and she finally embraced that at the end of the day she's going to fill up a laundry basket full of toy cars to put away again."

What lucky boys to be living in such beautiful spaces!
I also love how real these rooms are. I think we can all relate to messy rooms, blanket forts, and children playing at our feet!
Thanks for showing us around Small Fry!

But that's not it...
Small Fry is hosting an E-Design Giveaway for Danielle Oakey Interiors today!
If you are wanting help designing a room, you must head on over and enter.
The E-Design giveaway is valued at $300.00 and will include a design board, floor plan, links to all items specified, and a detailed description of the design!

I'll see you all over there!


  1. Oh I hope I win this!!! I'm still trying to talk Steve into letting me use you. We just can't justify spending more money right now:( I'm dying with how crappy my family room looks. You are seriously sooo talented!!

  2. Do you by chance know the wall colors for the edesign board you put on small fry? I'm loving the blue and green for my kids rooms! The blue kind of reminds me of Meg's master bedroom blue! I love that!


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