Rental Approved Inspiration!

I know I have mentioned this before, but I don't think designer Emily Henderson can do any wrong.
All of her designs are flawless.
They are always modern, colorful, eclectic, and styled so perfectly.

I have been so inspired by her recent work, she kills it every time.
I am starting to get excited about designing our new rental, and I will definitely be referring back to Emily's work for inspiration.
Here are a few of my favorites...

The white walls with pops of color and vintage furniture speaks to me.
Now I just need to get on my local classifieds and find some unique pieces.
Oh, and I think I need that aqua sofa, I am obsessed.


  1. I LOVE all these rooms!I am looking for ways to spruce up my apartment and all these ideas are flawless! I really like the living room with the aqua sofa, and I'm trying to find pieces to recreate that room! And I really like the bedroom in the 2nd picture!

    1. I know, that aqua sofa is nuts! And what I like most about Emily, her designs are affordable. She is creative in her sourcing and never breaks the bank!

  2. The aqua sofa is a great pick! The designs that you picked are gorgeous and I know that when you that to your rental, that will be very homey. I had this awkward feeling of redesigning my rental since I was thinking that I’ll just leave after the contract, but then I still felt the need to make it homey. So, I’m on the process of adding stuff and making the house very lovely. I think I can get inspiration from your photos. :D

  3. She is absolutely hands down the most inspiring designer for me. I love everything she does. Can't wait to see what you do with your new place! So much fun!

  4. I totally agree. Everything she does is perfect. And white walls and pops of colors have been on my mind as well lately. Love the inspirations!

  5. I love her quirky style....and she brings it together! Definitely talented!

  6. Your designer is indeed very fabulous! I can see that you’ve got great choices with her great designs. I’m pretty sure that when you incorporate these designs in your own house, you’ll definitely have a very awesome house. Well, having a rental is great, but it feels a lot better to have your own place.

  7. Wow! Thanks for this post. I can now start renovating my apartment with these splendid designs! Emily Henderson is indeed a great designer, and I think it’s now time for me to check out her designs and have lots of inspirations for my place. :)

    [ Lakisha Zimmerer ]


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