Rental Approved: Blik Wall Tiles

I recently came across these fabric wall tiles by Blik.
They are self adhesive, eco-friendly, non-tovix, completely customizable, and removable!

These Fish Wall Tiles would be fantastic in a kids bedroom or playroom.

Or if you want something a little more neutral, I am loving the Herringbone Wall Tile.

The Scallops Wall Tiles are bold but so fun!

And I am loving the Ten Pattern Wall Tiles on this door.

How great are these?
Perfect for renting, or for people that like to regularly switch things up like me!
I'll be bookmarking these, I must find a place for them!


  1. they are really fun! thanks for inspiration!

  2. I love that they are removable and self adhesive, perfect for a play room too! I really like the Herringbone wall tile!


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