How Does Online Design Work?

This post is long overdue.
I get lots of emails from prospective clients as well as other designers/bloggers asking about how online designs work.

I must admit, it took me a while to work out all the kinks, but I have finally figured out a way that works best for me.

Q: How do I charge? Hourly or per room?

  • I always quote per room. I have considered charging hourly but most clients requesting online design help don't have huge budgets. I find people are more comfortable with a set fee.
  • I require a 50% deposit before starting any services.
  • My services start at $200.00/room depending on the clients needs/wants.
Q: How does the process work:

Here is an example of a design I am currently working on. For most designs only one edit to the initial design is needed. Although, sometimes a few edits are necessary. In the below design, we were debating on rug and chair options.

My ultimate goal is to make the client LOVE the design.
So far I have not had any problems with unsatisfied customers, lucky me!

Q: What do you provide me?
  • Each design is quoted individually based on the clients wants, but for most designs I provide a design board, to-scale floor plan, links to all items specified on design board, and a detailed description of the design.
Q: How big should my budget be?
  • Anything! I am happy to work with even the smallest budgets. As long as your budget is over $250.00, I can make it work. The smaller budgets just mean more DIY projects and craigslist finds!
Q: How long does the whole process take?
  • Usually about 2 weeks from start to finish. Of course, this depends on how many edits to the initial design are needed and how busy my schedule is. Since I am a Mom, sick kids and unpredictable schedules happen. As long as you are willing to be flexible with me, I promise to provide you with a design you love!

Q: Is online design right for me?
  • Online design is perfect for someone looking for design help at a discounted rate. I love being able to provide design services to those that couldn't otherwise afford it. Most professional designers will charge $60-$100/hour for local services which adds up quickly. The client DOES have to be willing to shop online and do all the buying and styling of the room themselves. 

Ok, I think that is it!
Can you think of anything I did not answer?


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  2. Thanks for spelling this all out. I have admired your blog and work for so long. I can't wait to find out the gender of my baby...I would love an online design plan.


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