Paying To Promote Your Blog!

I know I promised to post about Best Kept Designer Secrets, I am working on a few right now so expect a great one next week!

Today I wanted to chat about something I have been researching lately: paying to promote my blog.
Facebook has added a new element called "promoting posts."
If you have a Facebook page for a company or blog, you may have noticed that your Facebook posts are not reaching everyone who has liked your page. I first realized this when my husband asked why I don't post on my blog Facebook page, when in reality I do everyday. Even though he had liked my page, they were not showing up in his feed. This is when I looked into promoting posts.

My Danielle Oakey Interiors Facebook page has 748 likes.

On average, many of my posts are only seen by 200 people.

This is where promoted posts comes in.
For any given post, you can pay money to get more people to see your post.

The picture above shows your options on Facebook.
You can choose to have just the people who liked your page to see your posts or the people who liked your page and their friends.
Then you have to decide how much you want to spend. You can spend anywhere from $5.00 - $50.00 per post, the more you pay the more people will see your post.

I decided to give it a try to see if it actually works.
I payed $15.00 to promote my last post, How to Style a Nightstand.
The post stays "promoted" for 3 days.

As of last night, 2,180 people have seen the post.
This is about 10x the regular traffic of other posts that were not promoted.

And I had $7.08 left in my paid promotion money.

At anytime I can choose to stop promoting the post and re-direct the money elsewhere.
As of now I am planning to leave the promotion on this post so I can see how effective it is.

Since promoting the post, I have gained 6 likes one my Facebook page and about 100 more daily views on my blog.

Is it worth it? 
$15.00 seems a little steep for a 3 day promotion, but it definitely has not been useless.
I may try it again on a more interesting post, like a DIY, room reveal, or a giveaway.
It would be interesting to see the results.

Have you tried promoting your posts? Any luck? 
If not, are you going to give it a whirl?


  1. Super interesting. Thanks for being the guinea pig!

  2. This is a great idea! I have seen this option about promoting your posts, but never tried it. I think it's worth it. So that's why, out of my 650 likes, only about 100 or so see it! That's crazy. I might give this a try!

  3. Sometimes I miss how simple blogging used to be. I see the opportunity here, don't get me wrong (marketing is my job!), but I fear it's going to make the culture of paying for page views even worse than it already is. Soon I think there will be even more women charging for a spot on a blogroll, sidebar, or mention in a post (which will always only feature bloggers they truly love with no regard for the money, of course) and promotion will become more important than content in terms of time invested each week.

    Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but it kind of ticks me off that the 400+ Facebook fans I worked hard to gain are now being shut off from me unless I pay money or beg them to navigate the complicated newsfeed settings. However, it's good to see that the system works (although ROI is unlikely unless your blog is a business) if ever anyone needs it.

    I love your taste, Danielle, although I don't usually have time to comment. Thanks for the great post!

    1. It is a little frustrating! I had no clue my own readers were not seeing my posts, not sure I can justify promoting very often, it would be quite expensive!

    2. Sorry that I chime in here but I totally agree with Haley too!
      I feel like Facebook should make our posts visible to all the people that liked our page. Why even have them like your page if they can't see your posts?? I could see that paying to reach people beyond the actual likes of your page would be reasonable. Like Haley said, we worked hard for those likes and shouldn't have to pay for them to see our posts.

      I loved this post regardless though because I always wondered how the promoting works.
      And I love your blog too Danielle :)

  4. You can also just ask people to interact more with your page. If you can get a handful of people to visit your FB more and comment on posts, it will increase your views because the more interaction you have with someone on FB or a page, the more that activity will pop up in your news feed. This can start as simply as making you sure post as your page, then "like" your page post through your own profile and then "share" your page post on your profile page and get a few friends to do the same. You can engineer it a bit more for free.

    I'd also wait until after the new news feed roll out to spend more on page promotion because there may be some alteration on how/when things come into the feed on people's pages.

    Lastly - ultimately, doesn't it matter most who clicks through to your site via the FB post and after that who pays for your services? Clicking through would up the amount you could charge for ads on your blog and paying for services, well, that's good, too.

    1. True but I find that most people are silent readers, so I doubt many of them would like posts. Have you had success with this?

      Having more views on my blog is good for ad,s but I need to decide if it is worth the investment! I think I need to do a couple more trials before totally deciding.

    2. Some success, yes. It might take enlisting a few friends to help drive up the numbers. Also, a few posts reminding the silent readers that if they want to keep reading, they need to interact with your page more often to keep it in their feeds.

      I guess it's a time vs. money thing. Is it more or less expensive to expend cash or time on trying to keep your audience on board? And does your site traffic - or clients - come from Facebook or from this blog? And do people get to this blog primarily via FB?

      I don't use facebook to find businesses or services. I'm not sure how many people do (there's a reason FB stock tumbled and isn't worth much comparatively - most of these sites, FB, groupon, etc, don't actually produce any revenue).

      The FB-ing I do personally is, well, for personal reasons, keeping up with friends, etc. The promotion I do is for a community theater where I'm trying to get people to come to events. My guess is that is slightly more effective than trying to get, say, local clients for your business. But I have no data on that so I could very easily be wrong.

  5. I personally think its a LOT of money for one post. Disappointing.

    1. I agree, it is a ton! I guess if you had a large amount FB followers to begin with then it might be more effective. Only problem, unless you promote posts your followers are not seeing the posts! How to get around this I do not know!

  6. Thanks for posting about this as I was wondering why my 'reach' was so out of proportion for my likes. I just started on my FB page not too long ago so still figuring out. This is good to know. Sucks FB does it this way!!

  7. So great to know! Thanks Danielle!

  8. wow! this is very interesting! I have 500 likes in my page, and I always share every post... now I am checking and I have the options just as you explain... maybe I will give it a try in a post with the deco objects I do. Thank you! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  9. This is great information, I had no idea about paying for a larger audience. Seems worth a try on key posts. Thanks for sharing this!
    Xo Nancy

  10. Thanks for doing this Danielle, I had no idea this is going on - I agree with a couple of the people, paying for people to look at a page is akin to 'begging' BUT, on the upside, you had more views on your blog and isn't this what we all want?? ;-)

  11. great info, gal! thanks so much, donna

  12. IMO, people that like your fb page should be able to see it in their feed. I can maybe see charging a promote fee for having their friends see it, but as it is, it bugs me. Of course, we can't make decision for fb, so I hope it works well for you.

  13. Thank you for that information! I have been thinking about promoting via FB, but don't know much about it. I need all the help I can get :).

  14. Definitely putting this to use! Thanks for the tip!

  15. Yes, we tried this with one post on our business page: https://www.facebook.com/provencerugs
    It was seen by more than double the usual amount, and the hits on the site/shop were more than double for those few days. Was it worth it? No, not really. But yes, we may do it again!
    FB is maddening: they keep changing the rules... and now it's costing to stay ahead.

  16. Danielle, thanks so much for posting about this! It's continually frustrating becoming more & more aware of FB's tricky loop holes. As a young company I'm continually trying to expand my visibility and now I'm like - as you and your readers mentioned - annoyed that I work so hard to get friends and fam to like my FB page and posts to realize for what?? I agree with you it's something to explore as $15 a lot but for a DIY you invest time & money in it may be worth it. Thank you so much for sharing your tip!!


  17. Well for what ever reason I hadn't liked your FB page. But now I do!. I am going to make more of an effort to leave comments on all the fan pages I have liked. My blog isn't monetized so I don't feel that pressure to get the page views, but I love my readers. And some of those readers only see my posts when I put a link on FB. But how frustrating that they don't even see them if I don't have a lot of interaction or pay for my FB posts, UGH! I still don't get the new thing everyone is doing by putting the link in the comment section when they post something. I heard it gave you better exposure...who the heck knows anymore!

  18. Thanks for posting this! I run a small business and was not sure about the Facebook promotional tool and its effectiveness. Your post was very informative! Great topic!

  19. I love this post - thanks so much for sharing your results! I've been debating for awhile whether it's even remotely worth it to promote some of my posts. Like many above have said, I too am so frustrated by the fact that Facebook doesn't show all of our updates for everyone that like our pages. I think promoting to reach our fans' friends is a spectacular idea and I can definitely see the value in it - but to have to pay to reach someone who as in theory signed up for updates? So frustrating.

  20. I've done this on occasion to promote HOF and it does seem to have a benefit, though wasn't too happy when I looked at my year total bill when doing taxes, ha, ha!! Janell

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