Simple Valentines Day Decorating!

With Valentines day right around the corner, I decided that decorating Emory's room would be the perfect way to show her the little extra love and attention she has been needing.

Last week I selected a couple crafts from Pinterest and decided to give them a whirl.
First, I wanted to decorate her door, and the tissue paper heart wreath was perfect.

It was super simple. 
I just purchased a large piece of cardstock and cut out a heart.
I then made mini tissue paper flowers, following this tutorial, and hot-glued them onto the heart.

She absolutely loves it.
I added some glitter sticky hearts to the door as well, she thinks it's pretty darn special.

We also made a heart wreath for her loft bed play house.

It was another really simple craft project and only took about 10 minutes from start to finish.
I purchased the glitter sticky hearts from Micheals and Emory attached them to a wreath cut from cardstock.
So easy and inexpensive.

She was very excited to attach it to her loft bed play house.

And I think it's the perfect touch!

Now we just need to decorate some Valentines day sugar cookies and we will be set!
Do you decorate for V-Day? Or just for the kids like me?


  1. Very cute! I haven't done a thing, I should get to it!

  2. So precious. I LOVE her skirt and those sweet Valentine touches. The hearts on the door are a great idea.

  3. Emory is beyond adorable! Such a fun idea and I am sure she loved it! There is about the same age difference between myself and my brother and my parents made sure to give me extra attention too, to ease the transition. My younger brother and I have been close ever since and I am sure Emory and Theo will be too :-)

  4. She is so adorable and you are such a good momma:)

  5. So cute! I am glad Emory is loving it :)

  6. How adorable! I love her little outfit too, so chic - looks like the perfect colors for her room; I don't do anything for the day - ;-)


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