Renter Approved: Removable Wallpaper

As I mentioned last week, we will soon be entering the rental market for the next 4 years.
Just as promised, I will be focusing a post a week on renter approved ways to decorate, I'm excited!

Although wallpaper seems like a permanent thing, it doesn't have to be anymore.
Many companies are now selling removable wallpaper....yay!
Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite lines by Timothy Sue.

You may remember this room designed by Emily Mughannam using Timothy Sue's Hearts Apart removable wallpaper on the ceiling.

It is stunning right?

{all images via Em Design Interiors}

The patterns are bold but beautiful, and I think they are perfect for children's spaces.

They have 4 patterns with 3 colorways in each pattern.
{all images via Timothy Sue}

You can see all the colorways here.

I am pretty sure I will be using one of these wallpapers in our next apartment.
I just can't get enough.

If these patterns are a little too bold for you, here is a list of a  few places that sell removable wallpaper.

Anyone tried removable wallpaper? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Haven't tried the removable wallpaper yet but I'm so intrigued with the concept, not by necessity as in renting, but by practicality cause I've stripped paper off walls before and that isn't fun. I didn't know about several of the sources you've listed... who knows ... perhaps one of those companies will have the perfect pattern to tempt me. Thanks!

  2. Love it! Seen a few sites featuring this removeable wallpaper, but I havent seen these fun prints. The hearts are perfect for valentines day and yes a kiddos haven too. Enjoy your day.

  3. Love those wallpapers. Wish they were a little more attainable price-wise, though. The colors and designs are so fresh and fun!


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