Faux Bamboo Chair Complete!

Oh my goodness, where did last week go?
Theo is now 3 weeks old, my mom has left, and I am left on my own to survive!

We did get some VERY exciting news last week, Zack matched in Ophthalmology!
For those of you who are not famililar with the medical road, matching is a big deal.
We now know that he will be an eye surgeon!
Also, we will be moving to Irvine California in June of 2014 to start residency!
We are so excited.

Before my Mom left back to Canada, she finished up a few projects around the house.
One being my faux bamboo chair.
Yes, I know I bought these chairs over 2 years ago (seriously, where does time go?) but I am thrilled to say that one is completely finished!

 A little white paint, a new cushion, and it fits right in!

It now sits in our living room, it may be the middle of winter but we are keeping it light and spring-like in here!

I really should have finished this little guy two years ago!

I decided to go with a coral seat cushion.
Although I love it in my living room, I think it would work well in several rooms in my house.

I just love it!

With our move approaching in a few months, I plan on selling a alot of our furniture, including the other faux bamboo chairs. 
I'll be sad to see them go but I just don't have any room for them!


  1. I love your home! It is so cheerful and beautiful. Congratulations on the move! How exciting. And I love how you transformed the bamboo chair!

  2. It's beautiful! I love the soft coral in your space. Keeps it fresh and bright! Congrats on all the great news!

  3. That chair looks really great. The white paint adds so much chic to it. I have a question though. Is faux bamboo really fake? Because bamboo grows super fast, it seems kind of funny to me that people would use wood that looks like bamboo instead of real bamboo. I don't know. :) Happy Monday!

  4. Congratulations! and I love your chairs!!

  5. I have LOVED reading your blog for quite some time now! In fact, I just put away my "reindeer/chevron" print from your blog, from last year...love that print! I am loving the bamboo chair...so light and bright looking!

    Just wanted to give a "welcome" from a CA resident...I'm 10 min South of Irvine, in Ladera Ranch. You will LOVE it here!! I'm a born and raised Southern CA native;)

  6. Chair is amazing & congrats to your family! That is great news.

  7. Congrats on the move! We love CA, you can't beat the weather! Your chair turned out beautifully - love the coral cushion!

  8. Well all the awesome bloggers will no longer live in Utah :) Congrats on the move-enjoy!

  9. Congrats to Zach! Before you know it, he'll be done with residency too. Good luck with the move.

  10. I love the chair! Such a cute fabric that you used on the seat. Great job!!

  11. Congrats on the matching, and an anticipated WELCOME to California. The weather here is great and you'll find great schools for your little ones. My Studio is only 10 min. away from UCI, hope we get a chance to "play fabrics ".
    Liana @Woodyliana

  12. Congrats! I live 5 minutes from Irvine you will love it! It's such a beautiful city and perfect for young families!

  13. Congrats on matching--Irvine is a lovely place to live! (I live in Irvine myself.) If I can answer any questions I'd be happy to help!


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