Beautiful Nursery: Rental Approved!

The past 3 years we have been lucky enough to live in a condo that we own.
It's been fun to paint, change out flooring, and update it to our liking.
In June we will be moving to start my husbands medical residency, which means we will be joining the rental market yet again.
Although renting can feel limiting in the decor department, I am excited to think outside of the box and create beautiful spaces regardless of my inability to make permanent changes.

This white walled nursery featured on Apartment Therapy has me inspired!
This design could definitely be achieved in a rental and I just love it.

{all images via Apartment Therapy}

This nursery also excites me because it was designed affordably.
Most of the large items (crib, rug, bookshelf) were purchased from Ikea!
You can head on over to Apartment Therapy for the links.

Let the rental designing begin!


  1. Can't wait to see what you recommend for renting!

  2. Very cute! That has been my thinking for the past eight years that we have been renting! It's (sometimes) a fun challenge!

  3. Love that nursery, and never can go wrong with white walls!


  4. Gorgeous nursery! Maybe you'll find a landlord that lets you paint- you never know!

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  6. Love this contemporary scandinavian inspired nursery!Specially the eames chair...It will be a great challenge for u, can't wait to see the results of ure new place!

  7. OMG! this is amazing.. it totally blew me off.. partially coz I am particularly warm to the dolls and the stuffed giraffe the colored origami and the rug! fab work

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  9. “It's been fun to paint, change out flooring, and update it to our liking.” - I agree! When you have no restrictions, you can dictate the emotion and the feel of the house by adding colors, stuff, and whatever you like in your home. Your nursery looks fabulous and I'm pretty sure your kid enjoyed this room!



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