Roberta Roller Rabbit Loves!

The prints are so fun and colorful, just my style.

I don't know about you, but I love getting home decor gifts for christmas.
Some of these will definitely be making my christmas wish list!
Oh, and I would love to snag a couple sets of these napkins sets for friends.

Speaking of the napkins, they come in 20"x20" squares, I can't help but think they could be sewn into some pretty little throw pillows like these ones I made back in the day.

They are sold in sets of 4 for $32.00, which would mean each pillow would only cost $16.00!
It would definitely save some $$ and would be super easy.
Now it's time for me to get shopping, good thing I have a little extra time on my hands :)


  1. Loving these, Danielle. The pink Amanda and Jemina lines are just what I've been looking for my daughter's room. Thanks for the inspiration. LOVE the idea of turning the napkins into pillows too!

  2. Hope you are doing well and the fabrics are fabuloso!! Have a great weekend!! ;-))

  3. Fabric is the main concern part. These all are fabulous in looking but fabric must be awesome.
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  4. Darn, the links don't work for me! I love their patterns though, I don't mind getting home goods for presents, especially if they are picked off one of my pinterest boards lol.


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