Purple + Gold

I have always loved using non-traditonal colors to decorate for the holidays.
This year I am particularly fond of purple and gold.
I've gathered a few of my holiday loves, including several pieces that would work for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
Actually, you could use a couple of them all year round!

Do you always stick with traditional colors for the holidays, or do you like to mix it up a little?


  1. I'm a big non-red/green fan too- this is a great option!

  2. That tassel garland! Goodness, so beautiful. Such a great alternative to red and green. Well done!

  3. So so pretty. I want to bust out the red/pink vibe this year but everytime I grab something it is lime green. I can't seem to get away from it! :)

  4. Love the color combo. It's nice to mix it up a bit instead of always using the same traditional colors!

  5. Hey! I don't have the deco version, but I ordered one of CWD's Berry Signature Pillow Covers 20x20 that i truly have never used! i just ordered it since it was such a great sale! If you want it i would be more than happy to sell it to you :) I'm local but we could do paypal and i could mail it because of your current situation...I ordered it for $40 but would be more than happy to let you have it for $20...

    Worth a shot right?!

    Good luck with baby Oakey! You're incredible!


  6. text or email me if you're interested...



  7. Thanks so much for including my tassel garland in your roundup! Gorgeous color options.


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