Large Scale Lamps

I have a thing for large scaled lamps, especially when used on a nightstand.
Scale is one of the most important elements in interior design.
If your bed is large, your lamps should be as well.

In my opinion, these interiors from Lonny Magazine do it right.
I love these large and unique bedside table lamps.

{all images via Lonny}

Unfortunately lamps are expensive, and large lamps can be ridiculously expensive.
I'm on the hunt for a moderately priced lamp for a client's master bedroom.
During my hunt, I have fallen in love with lamps that range from $150.00 to $700.00!

Although these three lamps aren't considered inexpensive, they're also not too bad considering their size.
Each one is above 30" high and I love the classic shapes.


I really think a lamp can make or break a room. 
Personally, I would be willing to spend a little more money to get the right scale and look.
How about you? Would you be willing to spend money on the perfect lamp?


  1. I've been searching for tall lamps for my mother-in-law's bedroom {her current lamps are from the 50's and they're HUGE...think "Mad Men" decor. She's on a budget and I've not been able to find affordable tall ones similar to the ones you posted. The closet I've found was this triple gourd one that's 28" for $60...at HD of all places!

    Hope you and baby are resting comfortably! Bedrest is incredibly hard but well worth it! Keep up the good work :)


  2. I definitely think scale is THE most important element in interior design and it can be done wrong so easily. I LOVE larger scale lamps in the bedroom just like you. That first image is my favorite!

  3. You might be asking the wrong person, as hoard lamps - especially big ones!


  4. Yes: I love big lamps! What a great way to make a statement, and these rooms look wonderfully inviting. I've been meaning to write you to say I am thinking of you, and your family. What a time you have had... just hoping all continues to go well. That daughter of yours is just the cutest thing!!!

  5. Love these big lamps. That lamp #3 is amazing!

  6. Yes, you are so right, and when I redid my previous bedroom (I don't live there anymore), one thing that looked bad was my lamps - they were not to proper scale and looked too small. I agree though, the price of some lamps is truly outrageous, but if you can find a classic on sale, you are in luck!! How is the pregnancy going now? ;-))

  7. I agree with you 100% Big Bed, Big Lamps. But I continue to see the smaller scale lamps being used, I don't know if it is a new trend or homeowners not understanding the scale and function of a bedside lamp. Smaller scale lamps are useless if you want to read in bed. Then to top it off you have all that dead space above your nightstand or side table, which makes the whole bed wall look out of scale.

  8. Definitely the perfect night light for livings room or the bedroom. I like its design and concept, the large scale really enhances the light quality which I think is the most important part of it all. Thank you for these lamp ideas. It's great!

  9. I hearts all the images above with the inviting Beds and those big lamps!Great designs and concept as well. Wonderful Blog-site!


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