Navy Pillows!

I spend lots and lots of time searching for the right pillows for clients.
I've wanted to put together pillow round-ups by color for a while now, but haven't had the time to get it done.
So, I started with a round-up of navy pillows, one of my favorite colors.

Although most of these pillows are spendy, the majority of them are made from quality designer fabrics.
You just can't go wrong with quality fabrics.

I plan on doing many more pillow round-ups by color and will put a link on my sidebar for easy access.
I know this will be helpful for me in future design projects, and hopefully it will be for you too.

I have also pinned these pillows on my Pinterest page, so feel free to follow along!


  1. I love, love, love navy. Especially on a pillow! Great roundup!

  2. I heart them all. Etsy has become my favorite spot for client pillows. Wonderful!

  3. #6 is my absolute favorite. I love this KW fabric (of course I'd choose one of the more spendy ones), and have looked at it for my living room several times. If my husband didn't look at the bank account as often as he does, I'd buy a couple of these in a heartbeat :)

  4. I treasure my ric rac pillow. That fabric is my favorite! Great roundup!!


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