Keeping It Kid Friendly

If money wasn't an issue (which it is, boo!), I would splurge on kids furniture.
There is something about it's mini size that I can't get enough of.
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child have some furniture pieces that make me drool.

Yes, please.

Or this dining set?
I am pretty sure this is tea party heaven.

I love the classic lines paired with the rustic finishes.
Perfect for kids, they tend to be a little rough on furniture.
And wouldn't it be nice to have kids furniture that is easy on the eyes?

{all images via Restoration Hardware}

I highly recommend you check out the rest of their kids furniture line.
It is amazing.

Unfortunately for me, I will be waiting a long time until I can afford theses beauties...sigh.
Maybe my grandkids will have cool furniture?

Would you splurge on good looking kids pieces?


  1. Probably not... they are pretty, but I can hardly afford RH for me! haha! But I too love little people stuff! so cute!

  2. These pieces are adorable, but out of my budget! Everything is cuter when it is mini sized isn't it?

  3. Love the tufted sofa.


  4. Out of control...these are great! But, no, I wouldn't splurge!

  5. I couldn't do it either. Especially having two boys. They can destroy anything!!!

  6. I have never met a kid who liked such a dull color palate. It's a little too Oliver Twist-ish don't ya think? Like they are eating cold mush porridge at that tea party.


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