Cross Stitch Embroidery Wall Art

I am so inspired by Eline's Pellinkof's embroidery wall art.  
She creates beautiful pieces of art by painting cross stitch patterns, so unique.

 This cross stitch owl would be so fun in a kids room or play area.
I would love to try this out!

Do you think this is something you would be willing to try?

{all images via Fresh Home}

I wish I had somewhere to paint one of these, but my 2 bedroom condo is skimpy on the free wall space.
So when I came across this DIY cross stitch art, I was thrilled.

I am thinking of creating one of these for my gallery wall.

{all images via OMS}

I still haven't decided on the exact pattern I want, but I think it will be a fun project!
What do you think? Can you get on board with cross-stitch art?

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  1. Oh my! That cross-stitch art is darling! I am especially loving the owl too! I think this may be a DIY project...on a canvas or a wall! I may have to try to tackle this one!

  2. Cute idea! Not sure if I would do it in my own walls but I am sure my daughter would love the owl, maybe on canvas and framed? Thanks for sharing this great idea today!

  3. I love love love cross stitch. i did a few little designs for my kid's nursery and it worked really great. I hope to one day pass these on to her little ones :) a day far far far away :)

  4. Great ideas!!! I am going to have to do this somehow somewhere in my home. Love!

  5. I've never seen that before! What a great idea though :)

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  8. Very pretty and unique, what a great addition to the design of a room! ;-))

  9. What a fun idea! I love the cross stich feather. Such a pretty, vibrant color that was used too:)

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