Changing Up My Gallery Wall

Well, i've decided it's time for a change, imagine that.
I purchased everything for my original gallery wall at a thrift store spending only $13.00 total.
It did the trick for a while, but I always planned on changing it up.

I've decided to go all white.
Can you ever go wrong with white frames? I don't think so.

I purchased all the frames from Ikea. 
I must admit, I am completely obsessed with Ikea's ODBY Frames, I love the ribbed edge and the mats are pure white, unlike the other frames.
I still need to add several more frames, but I think this is a good start.
I am hoping to fill each frame with a DIY creation.

More on that later this week!
Do you have any great DIY art projects I should know about?


  1. Ooooh, I love those frames. The white is going to be so clean and fresh. Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. I love the change! It looks great. :) Around here, I've been adding some trim to lampshades and framing leftover fabric and cool wrapping paper as art!

  3. Looks awesome! I love the white frames. So I don't normally do tutorials, but I did one this week on my blog. Here's the link. http://greenbluebirds.blogspot.com/2012/02/spheres-tutorial.html
    I don't know if this type of painting is even your style, but I like it up on my gallery wall, which you can see here:
    Can't wait to see the new wall finished! You always come up with such pretty spaces.

  4. I love it so much better. I recently did that to my sons room and it looks so much better now.

  5. Such a great change to update your room! It might be interesting to get some graphic fabric swatches to fill some of the frames. We have a Beacon Hill fabric (Circus in Tuscan) that would be a great conversation piece!

  6. I love those frames - what a fresh update!

  7. Love it, Danielle! What size frames did you end up purchasing for your wall? Thanks, Kris

  8. Ooooh it is looking good! Can't wait to see more!

  9. LOVE DIY gallery walls!
    I did one of my own. I hope you'll stop by & check it out.
    Pinterest has been so inspiring for these kinds of things.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  10. Hi Danielle,

    I love these frames too. Recently, a client put one of my works in to the Odby frame and it really made the work sing.
    As for the DIY's...I have a few on my site if you're interested...they are all art DIY's. Here is the link:

  11. I LOVE IT, these are also my favorite frames and I have to keep myself from over-using them! The rounded corners and white/white is perfect. Improvement over what you had I think, well just a different view!

  12. Looks good! I love those IKEA frames. I really want to purchase a few on my next IKEA trip. Here is a collage wall that I recently did in my home.
    I spray painted most of mine. The frames came from the dollar store, thrift stores and Hobby Lobby.


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