considering myself lucky!

i should buy a lottery ticket today because today is my LUCKY day.
i scored 4 faux bamboo arm chairs for $75.00 total!

i am so excited.
kinda giddy actually.

now i just need to decide what to do with them.
should i paint, re-upholster, and sell?
should i keep them for my dining room?

or use them as accent chairs by my fireplace?

or an office chair?
i need one of those!

{all images from decorpad}

what would you do with these chairs?
what color would you paint?


  1. YOU ARE LUCKY!!! (and I am green with envy!) I would keep them- recover the cushions and KEEP THEM! (maybe keep 2, and sell 2?) I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them!!!


  2. So many good options! I like the white ones in the second picture the best. Or maybe it's the room I like? It would make a great office chair that would make you feel happy every time you sat in it too. Ok, so just for the record my opinion is White and Keep!

  3. What a find! I would say white laquer (timeless) and a fun geometric print. Oh, and definitely keepers!!

  4. No freaking way!! I am officially super jealous!!

    I think they definitely need to be painted and reupholstered...but DEFINITELY keep them for yourself...or sell them to me! :)

  5. 4 for $75- AMAZING find!!! I am so jealous! I would definitely keep them. I am no help with the colours because I love them in every colour but I think my favourite is glossy white with either a graphic print seat (I just bought some Marimekko Joonas upholstery fabric and am loving it- would look great on those chairs) or a bright solid (loving the yellow in your inspiration files)- Congrats on the amazing purchase!

  6. You found those on Craigslist? That is crazy! I'm going to start searching for Bamboo Chairs!

  7. Oh I would for sure keep them! Yellow with white fabric, or gray fabric would be darling. But the classic white is always wonderful!

  8. Oh wow!! You have to keep them, or at least one of them. Great find

  9. Wם', you ARE lucky! I would definitely keep them for the dining room, depending on what chairs you have there now.

  10. Christmas is coming and they would look darling in your mothers kitchen. A little birdie tells me that she may even pay you for them!

  11. YOu are definitely 1 lucky duck!! I found 1 bamboo chippendale chair 2 weekends ago for $30 and I thought that was a deal!! Now for the fun part - Go bold!! I'm sure whatever you do w/it will be magnificent!

  12. OK. I'm just gonna tell you what you should do with those chairs. Send them to me. I have been beating the bushes & have come up with nothing. Seriously, I am happy for you. With those chairs, you can do no wrong.


  13. Wow these are gorgeous! You are def lucky! I would say white!!!


  14. amazing find!!
    At first I was all, umm, CLEARLY dinning room. But then seeing the office chair? I just don't know...
    Maybe one in a bold colour for the office chair, 2 for the dinning room and 1 for me?! yes. I like this plan :)

  15. I think you should paint and re-upholster...I have a friend who will buy! She had just decided to put chic bamboo chairs at her table!

  16. Keep them for yourself!! $75 is unbelievable. I'd paint them classic white.

  17. First of all you should DEFINITELY keep them. At least 2 of them!

    You could have them lacquered but I hear that can be pricey. I did mine in a high gloss enamel from Benjamin Moore. Check out their Impervex line...made for metal and wood and the highest gloss finish. Looks as good as lacquer in my opinion.

    I will warn you though that all those nooks and crannies are a bear to paint, especially with this slow drying, drip prone stuff. 1 I could do but 4 I think I would investigate how to apply this paint with a sprayer or find someone with an air compressed sprayer to do it for you.

    I think I would do high gloss white if they were going to be dining chairs. If you're going to use as office or accent chair I vote for something bold and statement making!!


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